Bilingual Education

Students posing in class

At Godsman, Spanish-speaking students are enrolled in the Transitional Native Language Instruction (Spanish and English Bilingual Instruction) program. Students are instructed in Spanish and English in a vertically aligned way from ECE to 5th grade. As your student learns more English, the amount of instruction in Spanish decreases. The goal of this bilingual program is to help your student learn English while developing literacy and content skills in Spanish at the same time, leading to proficiency in both languages.

The research is clear that bilingual instruction is the best route to English proficiency; and learning in two languages has proven cognitive and social-emotional benefits. Students with bilingual skills have significant advantages in college and career. This is why we are committed to supporting your students become bilingual and bi-literate by the time they graduate from 5th grade. We will celebrate their bilingual abilities with the Pathways to the Seal of Biliteracy Award.