About Our School

All school students sitting on the gym floor

Our Vision

Every Godsman individual thrives in a respectful and inclusive community promoting a legacy  for continuous improvement.

Godsman Elementary has seen many changes since it was first erected in 1958. Two substantial additions (the last one completed in 2014) has allowed it to expand its capacity and provide space for over 600 students. The playground was also renovated and students are able to enjoy playground equipment on soft woodchips and a large expanse of lawn to play soccer as well as other team sports.

Godsman is a neighborhood school that gained innovation status. As a result, the school has prioritized programming that serves the needs of our students. The majority of our students are either simultaneous bilinguals or English language learners. To meet the needs of our particular demographic, Godsman has sought to provide a strong biliteracy program. In addition to this, our enrichment program gives our students opportunities to engage in extra-curricular activities.

In order to meet the needs of the whole child, we strive to bring rich language experiences through academics and enrichments. In doing so, we will spark the spirit of innovation in our students for a world that is changing and demanding new, creative ways of thinking, problem solving and accomplishing complex tasks.